A Simple Guide to Charcuterie

July 8, 2022

Not much beats hanging out in the kitchen with your favorite people, sharing memories, and snacking on delicious foods! This is why charcuterie boards have gained so much popularity in the last couple years. It is the perfect way to have a simple spread of foods and create a lowkey and welcoming environment! Putting together a simple charcuterie board is my family’s go-to when we have company. Whether you are just having a few friends over or hosting a large event, a well-curated charcuterie board is a great addition! This is a simple guide to creating a basic charcuterie board that you can customize and make your own – remember, have fun with it!

1. Go shopping for your goodies

This is a highly customizable step because it all depends on your preference! A general shopping list for a charcuterie board includes:

– Meat

Our go-to meats are different types of salami and prosciutto.

– Cheese

There are so many different types of cheeses, so it is fun to try something new each time! A good rule of thumb, though, is to have at least one soft cheese, such as brie, and one hard cheese, such as gouda.

– Something Crunchy

Crackers and crisps are our favorite crunchy item to add! We also love to add nuts and crunchy breadsticks.

– Dip

Red Pepper Jelly, Honey, and Hot Pepper Cranberry Jelly are some of our favorites!

– Produce

We love to use cranberries, grapes, and figs!

– Garnish

Rosemary, lavender, parsley, and seasonal florals are all great to use as a garnish!

2. Prep

With the right preparation, assembling the board will be such an easy process! This step includes washing and drying produce, cutting cheese to the desired shape, and folding or rolling meats. Lay everything out where you can see it so that you can easily visualize where everything needs to go!

3. Select your charcuterie board

The size of your board should correlate with the number of guests that you have! If you are having a large number of people, opt for large boards with lots of space, or even utilize a kitchen island or dining room table! If you are having a small group, select a smaller board so that when it is finished it looks nice and full without having to purchase an excess of food.

4. Start assembling!

Do not be intimidated by this step! As you begin, it will be so exciting to see your vision come to life! This is a helpful step-by-step guide if you don’t know where to start!

  •  Place any containers that you will be using for dips or other items.
  • Place cheese wherever you want on the board. You can fan out the slices, create a “river” or keep the full block intact. Try to set them away from each other so you are able to fill in the spaces between them.
  • Add the meat in your desired fashion. Again, you can create little “rivers” of meat that weave around the cheese and containers that are already in place.
  • Now, add your crackers or crisps. You can make several little stacks and use these to fill in any major holes.
  • Place produce in empty spaces, making sure to break up any like colors. A good rule of thumb is to make sure that no like colors are touching.
  • After filling in all holes and empty spaces, add garnish! This step is optional and is completely up to your personal preference. It just adds extra color and beauty to your board!

5. Enjoy!

Just like that, your board is finished! Now for the fun part – enjoy your company and your creation!


Charcuterie boards are such a fun way to create an experience for your guests! They are beautiful, delicious, and exciting to make! Just remember, there is no right or wrong way of doing things, so just have fun with it!

If you try this at home, post it and tag us! We would love to see your creations!