Bring Spring to Your Home

July 8, 2022
Category: Seasonal

The change of the season to Spring is one of my favorite times of the year! The weather warms up, flowers begin to bloom, and it feels like a breath of fresh air after the long Winter. It is such a great feeling to see the transition that you witness outside happen in your home as well! A few small changes can make a huge impact to create a light & airy Spring space! These are my five favorite things that I do at my home at the start of the season!

1. Light a Spring candle

The scent of your home makes such a huge difference in the overall feeling of the space! That’s why one of the easiest steps to bring Spring to your home is getting a nice candle to light! Whether you prefer floral scents, herbal scents, or something else entirely, there is the perfect candle out there for you!


2. Change your hand soap, dish soap & surface cleaner

Changing out these three everyday products feels like such a treat each time you’re washing your hands or cleaning up the kitchen! They are some of the most frequently used products in your home, so should bring you joy when you grab them!


3. Hang a Spring dish towel

Dish towels are such a simple thing to change out with each season and are a fun way to add a touch of the season! For Spring, I love to add a little bunny towel to my kitchen to brighten up the space! It is a very low-effort and inexpensive way to make your home feel more like Spring!


4. Change up your throw pillows

Like your dish towel in your kitchen, changing out your throw pillows make a huge impact in your space! It is a really easy way to add Spring pastels or pops of color to your home!


5. Add plants & flowers

One of the best parts of Spring is seeing all of the fresh blooms outside! Bring this effect to your home by adding a couple of house plants and picking up some colorful tulips! This is part of my yearly Spring routine and brings me and my family so much joy!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these few tips on ways that you can transition your home to Spring this year! Add your own touches and traditions to make your space your own! If you try any of these tips, tag us! We would love to see your refreshed space! Happy Spring!

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